What's In A Name?

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Spending days researching a name for our business, I filled a notebook with ideas. Originally, we wanted something catchy but could only come up with names like green banana or red apple, not very inspiring! The original business plan was to have a coffee and gift shop selling unique and unusual gifts. Hence the name The Gift Café (it does exactly what it says and keeps things simple).

In October 2015 we launched The Gift Café in our local village hall and invited a selection of people to taste our home baked cakes and fresh coffee, purchase gifts and give us feedback before we went out into the world!

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Regularly attending the Spring and Autumn trade fairs at the NEC Birmingham, we sourced and bought our stock. Continuing to do this for about 18 months we grew a customer base and made new friends.

In April 2018, we took the decision to go online only and open the shop to a wider audience and, as customers had got to know us, we decided to keep the name.

By going online, we have been able to change the business model to include personalised items and jewellery which are now shipped directly from the companies we work with.    

We are particularly interested in smaller companies who do not sell to the mass market but offer something more reflective of our brand giving our customers the edge on gift giving.


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