Beech Wood Cheese Curler with Dome

  • £45.99

Beautiful and charming cheese curls are the perfect finishing touch for your dishes and add a wow factor. They’re scrumptious when topping off an Italian pasta or a fresh salad.

The Cheese Curler with Dome, with its stainless steel knife, is perfect for Tête de Moine cheese or chocolate. With five short pins around the board, the cheese is held firmly in place.

This is a perfect wedding present gift!

How to Use

A simple twist of the handle is all this curler needs to start producing beautiful curls. They’re instantly ready to serve, use the dome to preserve the aromas of the cheese and keep it fresh longer. The cheese curler is easy to assemble and disassemble. 

Further Information

The dome is made from plastic.

Type of cheese recommended: Tête de Moine and chocolate

Diameter 220 mm

This item is not dishwasher safe

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