Rattan Mosaic Bowl Set

  • £69.99

An incredible amount of time and patience goes in to making these stunning mosaic bowls. Each and every piece of is created by a family run business based in southern Indonesia. 

The perfectly combined hard glass and terracotta with amazingly warm rattan make these bowls look stunningly welcoming at any place in the house or on any table. 

Each piece is entirely hand made using plain terracotta bowls, paints and stained glass which is hand cut into tiles and then placed carefully into precise patterns onto a genuine Lombok terracotta bowl. A really lovely handmade ethnic bowl.

These bowls are the perfect gift for a wedding or anniversary.


Large: H: 9 cm; D: 29 cm

Medium: H: 7.5 cm; D: 24 cm

Small: H: 5.5 cm; D: 20 cm

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